Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Super Productive!


  • GUI
    • New layout.
      • Added player speed.
      • Added HighScore.
    • Buttons have Audio.
  • On Pause
    • Player can edit speed while on a planet.
    • Restart button becomes main menu button.
      • Main menu button scales and grows to fit font.
    • Added Increase and Decrease buttons to GUI.
  • Levels
    • Several new levels have been added.
    • Levels now fade to black between loads.
    • Audio added to planets.
    • Planets now fade from red to blue.
  • Title Screen
    • Added new buttons
      • Start
      • Level Select
      • Options <may change to Upgrades>
      • Exit
    • Added BGM.
A new video will be out soon.

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