Sunday, 3 February 2013

So hard but so worth it.

I created a new 3d model for the planets. They were originally 3d spheres, but after looking at the draw count and how many tri's and verts it was up dating I replaced it with a model that looks like a cookie.
Super tedious replacing all of my prefabs and updating the levels but but the games performance has improved a lot.

I also went back through my scripts and refined them and got the save game working.

There are new purple planets that exert a certain amount of acceleration onto the player altering their trajectory and new yellow rectangles that give the player a speed boost to +10.

All I need to add now is the upgrades screen, numbers on the level selection screen and make some mind-fuckery levels.  I'm thinking of hiding dark planets in some of the levels as well, if the player finds them they'll unlock new ship models (only the coolest models will be on the dark planets, thinking of a cat or something =] ) its been so hard getting this next video out because I've been so busy working on the game but you'll be pleasantly surprised when I'm finished with it. I checked out my last video I uploaded and so much has changed since then!

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