Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Recorded Audio

Recorded some of the characters voices with Matt Cassar.

Changed again

Originally there were two different maps of Australia, One for the minimap and one for the Region. Changed it so there is only one now. The regions have been placed on another layer and the minimap culls them so they're no longer rendered. This allows the abilities that the player can use to control the varroa mite to be seen on the mini map as well.

It looks awesome =]

New boundary

Added a mathf.clamp to the region cameras anchor object and deleted the bounding boxes. The regions are no longer stacked, we encountered a problem with ray-casting through them.

Yeah it's not actually laid out like that had to change it for the picture.

Region movement, Back button

The camera movement in the region view is based off of an invisible moving object that the camera is anchored to. When they click the mouse and move the anchor moves and the camera lerps to the anchors position in world space.

The lerping function in unity interpolates between two different numbers over a period of time and can be used to handle many different variables.  I use it a lot to smooth out movement, previously the camera movement was slightly jerky but now is as smooth as ice =]

Also added a back button to the mini map that allows you to go into the scenario view instead of selecting it from the minimap again.

Region Bounds OLD

Boundary box for camera

Region nav.

Mini map re-sizes to bottom left hand corner of the screen when region map is selected. 
Mini Map View
Region view
Stacked Regions

When the player selects a region it becomes active and is rendered and the others are not. 

I had all the regions stacked atop each other because I wanted to be lazy with the borders and use a bounding boxes to prevent the player from scrolling off of the side of the screen.

The movement system was cursor based. When the player would mouse over to the side of the screens the camera would pan in that direction.

The stacked regions created a problem later on and the layout changed. 

MiniMap Mocks

Started off with a plane and threw a map texture on it. 

When you select a state the regions rise and can be selected.

This was achieved by ray-casting from the camera at the mouses position then reading the selected states ID and lerping the camera to another position in world space.


Varroa Mite - CSIRO project.

At the start of this project I was very keen to begin but got side tracked with Tywin, a personal project that has now been completed. 
Now this project has my full attention.

During the early stages of development many different designs for the game had been thrown around both by the Client and our team. After three weeks and many meetings we were able to come up with a vision that pleased the clients expectations and was achievable in the time allocated to us by Southbank institute of Tech.

The game's vision was originally meant to play like "Plauge Inc."  but from the perspective of the Varroa mite (
which is what the client wanted). It seem's like an easy enough premise to work with and build upon but our teacher didn't like it so the concept so it changed. 

The following is my personal opinion.  At the moment the game concept is pretty bad, it doesn't seem fun at all. The concept is like a multiple choice excel spreadsheet with animations over gameplay. Needless to say I'm not a designer on the project I'm one of the programmers. I just wasn't expecting to work on a game that was so not fun. Moving on though...

Friday, 15 March 2013

Back on the scene.

 It's been pretty hectic with development. I've been working on two different titles now. Tywin and another game for the CSIRO. I'm about to finish my diploma as well.

Blogging kind of fell by the way side but I have been busy. I stopped working on the coding and worked on the graphics in Tywin. The game looks awesome now.

The planet textures fade from:

 Instead of:

Though I want there to be more healthy planet textures so that's my goal for tonight. There's also new levels and new mechanics. 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

So hard but so worth it.

I created a new 3d model for the planets. They were originally 3d spheres, but after looking at the draw count and how many tri's and verts it was up dating I replaced it with a model that looks like a cookie.
Super tedious replacing all of my prefabs and updating the levels but but the games performance has improved a lot.

I also went back through my scripts and refined them and got the save game working.

There are new purple planets that exert a certain amount of acceleration onto the player altering their trajectory and new yellow rectangles that give the player a speed boost to +10.

All I need to add now is the upgrades screen, numbers on the level selection screen and make some mind-fuckery levels.  I'm thinking of hiding dark planets in some of the levels as well, if the player finds them they'll unlock new ship models (only the coolest models will be on the dark planets, thinking of a cat or something =] ) its been so hard getting this next video out because I've been so busy working on the game but you'll be pleasantly surprised when I'm finished with it. I checked out my last video I uploaded and so much has changed since then!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Super Productive!


  • GUI
    • New layout.
      • Added player speed.
      • Added HighScore.
    • Buttons have Audio.
  • On Pause
    • Player can edit speed while on a planet.
    • Restart button becomes main menu button.
      • Main menu button scales and grows to fit font.
    • Added Increase and Decrease buttons to GUI.
  • Levels
    • Several new levels have been added.
    • Levels now fade to black between loads.
    • Audio added to planets.
    • Planets now fade from red to blue.
  • Title Screen
    • Added new buttons
      • Start
      • Level Select
      • Options <may change to Upgrades>
      • Exit
    • Added BGM.
A new video will be out soon.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Heads up display

Tywins Hud - still need to add some stuff.
It's weird to think it's only been 8 days since I posted my video talking about Tywins concept. I've managed to achieve so much since then. It really feels like this last week has been a year. I've been waking up, sitting on the computer, working on Tywin and then heading off to my real job for another 8 hours. If it wasn't for my girlfriend giving me coffee and  supplying me with nutrients I'd probably be dead. 

Developing has been going steady, just worried about the save game function. The player will need to store their highscores/level progress/Unlocked awards etc. I know I can do it, just thinking about it makes me not want to do it =P.

I also need to work on the Restart and Pause button images. 


Tldr: The tedium of the Pause and restart buttons wears heavy on my soul.  

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Endurance check

Developing is getting harder but it was to be expected, the further I go into the process the bigger the problems are to solve. Exciting stuff because I love a good challenge but development is hard and I cant see it getting easier anytime soon. 
The dev. station

It's raining outside at the moment (thank god) my room gets so hot.
The GUI gave me a bit of a head ache, getting the GUI to scale properly was a hurdle. I'm not going to say its done because every time I say that I find a problem and I need to work on it until the wee hours of the morning. I'm lucky because I have a three different android platforms to build and test my game on so I'm finding errors and fixing them for you lovely people.

So my company is up and running and its just me... I wont lie, it fucking sucks. Its a horrible feeling, because I want Tywin to be an awesome game of high quality but the journey to get it there is hard because I'm alone.

It's weird I know, I've never really spoken about my feelings on this blog but hey :P it was going to be a blog about my indie development process and the stress is just one aspect among many.

It's hard to get people to care and it's hard to get people interested and the hardest part is not knowing if you're moving in the right or wrong direction. 

As always thanks for stopping by and on a good note,  planet rotation is smoother, created stage boundaries and GUI buttons scale correctly across different platforms.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Good with the bad

Good news on the company front, by business is registered. Hourglass Entertainment is now open for business.

Bad news, unity build seems to have shat itself, going to have to re-install it. Thank god for version control.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Pause, Resume, Restart, Refined =]

The player no longer jumps off of the planet when you press the pause and restart buttons on the GUI.

I got around the problem by adding a condition that ignores the launch function if the button is pressed and after everything is restarted/resumed it enables the launch function and you're ready to fly again.

Tomorrows Goals: 

  • Points

Zzzz another late night. Take it easy guys and thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Feels good man.

Smoother reset

Its 0245 and I'm quiet sleepy.  I was able to get the reset function (upon player death) to be a lot smoother. Had a bit of trouble getting the unprotected planets (red) to change back to their original colors after the player had landed on them, but I solved the problem and can retire to sleep :D!

  • Jerky reset
    • The player returns to their starting position (without re-loading the level). 
    • The player leaves a bright trail back to their starting Pos. 
  • Shaking player
    • Smoother rotation around planet.

  • Vagabond planet cluster(a)
APC (a)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Talking about the game concept.

Looking coolio

Well I've gotten some of the business side of things sorted but im still trying to finalize the process. Beyond that the game is looking decent! Still have a lot of work ahead of me but each day is one day closer to reaching my goal =]

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pause, Resume, Restart

Got the Pause/Resume/Restart functions working but with each victory comes a new hurdle ( It wouldn't be life if it wasn't always a god dam challenge ). After clicking the resume button the player imminently launches in the direction of the pause button.

I wanted the player to launch from the planets surface when they lifted their finger from the screen the only problem is it happens when ever they touch the screen including when they've pressed the pause button.

Player flying toward pause button
Please note that the planets dont have any textures, the GUI is messy and this is a game with no polish! Just the bones of a soon to be awesome game :]. I'll be working on the video tomorrow, it should be finished by tomorrow night.