Saturday, 26 January 2013

Heads up display

Tywins Hud - still need to add some stuff.
It's weird to think it's only been 8 days since I posted my video talking about Tywins concept. I've managed to achieve so much since then. It really feels like this last week has been a year. I've been waking up, sitting on the computer, working on Tywin and then heading off to my real job for another 8 hours. If it wasn't for my girlfriend giving me coffee and  supplying me with nutrients I'd probably be dead. 

Developing has been going steady, just worried about the save game function. The player will need to store their highscores/level progress/Unlocked awards etc. I know I can do it, just thinking about it makes me not want to do it =P.

I also need to work on the Restart and Pause button images. 


Tldr: The tedium of the Pause and restart buttons wears heavy on my soul.  

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